BSE "Bear POW-er" Vinyl Sticker

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Bear POW-er Sticker Square.png

BSE "Bear POW-er" Vinyl Sticker


To be a superhero, you don’t have to have superpowers; you just need to be a super human being.

Embrace your inner SUPERHERO with this classic, yet fresh, die cut comic style vinyl sticker. Thick, scratch resistant, durable vinyl with protective laminate and matte finish protects your stickers from scratches, water and sunlight. It’s a SUPER-sized way to encourage us all to be kinder to each other.

Dishwasher safe.

Approximate size: 4 x 4 inches

Put ‘em on your binder, planner, backpack, lunch bag, stainless steel cup, car window, guitar, skateboard, laptop, helmet, iPod… basically anywhere.

Stickers and magnets will be placed in your child’s teacher’s box for prompt delivery within 1-3 days of order. Remember to check your child’s binder accordingly.

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A note about the SUPERHERO theme, BSE and SEL.

The problem-solving skills that students use on the playground are valuable later in life. Social and emotional learning (SEL) plays an integral role in students’ success. SEL teaches students to handle their emotions well, make positive decisions, problem-solve cooperatively, and practice empathy and caring. Skills like empathy, kindness, patience, sympathy, compassion and others are not “programmed” into the human brain, they must be taught.

 Most people don’t think about the far-reaching effects of their behaviors, bad, or good.   However, in a world where it is easy to see the vast impact of one negative action- a random act of violence covered by the news media, a group of rebels that start a war, or just a poorly planned Facebook post, we can easily see that every action has a cause and effect. This then, is the great power we have been given, as human beings…. the power to consciously create change, for better or worse.  And with this power, yes, there comes a great responsibility.

In embracing this philosophy to educate the whole child, BSE is using a Superhero theme to let every child know that they make a big difference in the world and be a superhero to others by just being a super human being. 

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