News from the Principal

This has been an awesome year at BSE! Our students have learned so much this year and we as teachers have also learned with them! I have to brag about this school not just because I am the principal but because I have been in hundreds of schools and the culture and climate of this school is one of the best I have been a part of or witnessed in my almost 30 years on this job! We have something very special at this school and it really resonates around the word "community". At BSE our teachers know personally about each other and their lives. We celebrate happy times and give solace in the sad times, we celebrate birth and help our friends deal with the sorrow of death, we get mad and find better ways to express our disagreements, we help those who are struggling to be a better teacher and support them as needed when they have trouble in the classroom or with parents. In essence, our community at this school spills over and creates the overall way you feel when entering our doors. We hope you feel wanted and welcome because that is what we want our children to feel. We hope you like to laugh and have fun because that is what we like to do. We hope you strive to be kind because we work on this everyday with each other and with all those around us. We hope you can forgive us when we make mistakes because we want our children to learn from us what forgiveness looks like and that anger has no place in this world. We hope that you see us preparing your child academically but we also hope that you see us preparing your child for a world that is about getting along with others, learning how to compromise as well as persevere when the going gets tough!

Thank you to our fabulous PTA that helps make this school better for our students and for all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles that volunteer or support our students at home. We can't do our job without your help! I am looking forward to next year and all the great things that we have planned for your students! Have a great summer! I hope my students will have lots of time to play and be creative and to enjoy their time off!

To a great summer!

Cindy Tesreau