A Word From Principal Tesreau...


We are so excited to start this new school year!  One of my goals as your principal is to keep you informed about our school and what we are doing to help your child have a great school and learning experience. I feel it is important that you have information about what we value as a school and what we are learning about as a faculty to help us become better teachers for our students.  

My way of communicating with you is going to be a school newsletter called, “Bailey Bear News”.  The link for the August newsletter is https://www.smore.com/cd8fj.  I hope you enjoy the newsletter and that it helps connect you to what we value as a school!  The newsletter will also be linked to our Bailey Station webpage at http://baileystationes.colliervilleschools.org

In the next edition, I will add a calendar section!  I forgot to put one in this edition, but will include one in September edition!

To a Great School Year!

Cindy Tesreau